Website Notes:

10/26/2015 - The new CCFSA website is under development and will be refined in the weeks.  It was developed using WordPress and an excellent theme which was developed by Tyler Moore (  His theme and step-by-step video on how to create a website were the keys to making this happen.

Background Pictures, Menu Titles, Colors, etc.

If you have a recommended photo for the main page background that would better represent CCFSA, please send it to me.  The current one was simply a beautiful, high resolution, FREE image that I found online.

Changing background photos, colors, menu titles, etc. is easy within WordPress, so feel free to make recommendations.

Public Content and Members Only

Initially, I have identified some content which can only be viewed by users who have registered and have a login and password.  These permission levels can be changed easily if there is feedback that some private content should be public and vice versa.

Public Section

The public section includes a brief profile of the CCFSA Leadership, CCFSA Awards, Conference information, links to County and other websites, listing of current job openings, and a Contact form.

To submit any content such as a website link or current job opening, you can send it using the Contact form.  Expired job announcements will be removed.

Members Only Section

The Members Only section includes documents which can be downloaded, a photo directory, and a forum.  If the forum feature works well, we will transition to this and kill the Yahoo Groups forum.  To access the Members Only section, a user just needs to create a login name and password.  Once those credentials have been approved, that user will login with those credentials in the future to access the Members Only content.  There is a built in feature for replacing a lost password.