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    At our recent meeting, I polled the group regarding emerging trends in Facilities Management. A number of helpful ideas were shared. This morning, I found a great resource on this topic on the IFMA website.

    IFMA Facility Management Trend Report; Emerging Opportunities for Industry Leaders.


    Here are the emerging trends that I wrote down which were shared at our meeting in Pleasanton:

    Smart building technology – single platform, crossing proprietary boundaries

    Addressing Regulatory Requirements

    • Title 24 and
    • New ADA Regulations
    • Sustainable waste management

    Staying up with Energy trends – which change quickly; timing of deployment

    Water Conservation, including cooling tower technology, and landscape design/maintenance issues

    Succession Planning

    Finding and equipping a workforce which understands, embraces, and has expertise with today’s automated technology; Retraining the aging workforce

    If you can think of others, please add to the list.


    Great reference document….thanks Mike

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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