The files referenced in the attached table have been uploaded to the website and are available for direct download from this page.  The list is searchable and can be sorted to assist you in finding what you are looking for.

DocumentDate Uploaded
Sonoma County Smoking Ordinance11/10/2015
Social Software Policy for County of Los Angeles Public Library Users11/10/2015
Social Media Guidelines 201511/10/2015
Smoking Ordinance - Sonoma County - Board Agenda11/10/2015
School M&O Best Practices11/10/2015
SB 85411/10/2015
SB 854 Powerpoint Slides11/10/2015
Prevailing Wages Determination11/10/2015
Post Disaster Safety Assessment Trainer List11/10/2015
Post Disaster Safety Assessment Program11/10/2015
Parking Policy - San Diego County - CAC-CK11/10/2015
Parking Policy - San Diego County - AC-WFP11/10/2015
Janitorial Staffing11/10/2015
IFMA Credentials11/10/2015
Energy Policies and Strategies -Clark County11/10/2015
Elevator Contracts -Fresno County11/10/2015
Discipline - Putting It Into Practice11/10/2015
Demand-Response Energy Effeciency Yamas Presentation11/10/2015
Custodial Contract - San Diego County11/10/2015
Cell Phone Policy,County Wide - Sacramento County11/10/2015
Cell Phone Policy Letter - Sacramento County11/10/2015
Building Responsibility Policy-Sacramento County11/10/2015
Minimum Standards - Building and Building Equipment - L.A. County11/21/2015
JOC Brochure - San Joaquin County12/17/2015
L.A. County Deferred Maintenance- Monthly Report - January 20162/20/2016
JOC San Joaquin County Documents2/25/2016