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Shrewsbury Start with a quick quote from Cigna. Fees: Ranging from 130,650 Baht to 208,830 Four of the campuses are located in Thonglor and Phrom Phong, the centre of Bangkok's residential area; and the other, The Country School, a stone's throw from Nichada Thani (Nonthaburi). Gender: Co-education Terrible school in terms of administration and education. I use Thaipod101. St Andrews International School Bangkok. There are 166 international schools in Thailand as of June 2016, according to the Office of … Fees: From 282,465 Baht a year to 564,930 Location: 101/177 Moo 7 Soi Mooban Bangpleenives, Prasertsin Road, Bangplee Yai,Samutprakarn 10540. Many qualified teachers are looking for a teaching position at an international school in Bangkok or elsewhere in Thailand, while many international schools are looking for qualified teachers - but matching doesn't seem to be easy. Many schools will hire those with lesser credentials in order to pay them a lower salary. Regents is a terrible school. Parents must be aware that many of the lesser schools do not hire certified and most importantly qualified teachers. Parents should question their child’s teachers and find out what educational program they went to, where they went for student teaching and to contact the US school and verify the information. Oh the school big amazing the students sucks because of how rich and bratty kids are at that school. Age: Nursery to diploma level Overview: Our dedication to student learning and British Curriculum standards has transformed us into one of the fastest growing international schools in Thailand for … If the location works for you, it's a great option. > Get Health Insurance Fees: 212,400 Baht a year rising to 336,200 If indeed they did delete the review section on Facebook because of so many negative reviews, hopefully those people will find this blog posting come and share those views here. The Class of 2017 set a new school record, with 99% of the class earning the IB diploma. Quick Links:  The school is non-selective school but says it is the progress of individuals that really counts and seeks to maximize that progress for each student in a safe and nurturing environment. Age: 5 years to 18 Links between the schools are strong, as demonstrated by a shared Board of Governors and staff movement within the group. It provides all students, from the youngest children stepping into a classroom for the first time, to graduates heading off to university, with the tools to become life-long learners and successful and responsible global citizens. RC International School and Ruam Rudee Learning Centre are conveniently located in the heart of Bangkok. ISB runs an accredited and challenging international curriculum driven by leading educational research and global best practice, incorporated into North American (U.S.) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma frameworks. Your email address will not be published. Overview: ICS is providing the largest selection of AP courses in Thailand. 5. Wellington College International School Bangkok is renowned as a progressive school with a strong global perspective. Indeed, that is certainly the case at Regents. 2. International School Bangkok (ISB) - Widely recognized as one of the premier international schools in the world, International School Bangkok (ISB) has been providing quality education since 1951 to expatriates representing more than 60 countries. Age: 2-18 Curriculum: English national up to 16 then International Baccalaureate Curriculum: British and US combined Hi Martic, indeed there is a Swiss school -. Main campus is located in Bangkok (Bangna district). The school community is diverse in nature with students, parents and teachers from more than 30 different nationalities. We only get 3 hours of WiFi, we do not get yearbooks and we get a very limited amount of food. Curriculum: English national > Learn Basic Thai Location: 6 RamkamHaeng 184, Minburi 10510. International consultant in the field of international trade and investment and on the board of several companies in India While in ESCAP,spear-headed the initiative to establish a UN school in Bangkok which eventually led to the establishment of NIST in 1992. Copyright © 2020. International School Bangkok 39/7 Soi Nichada Thani, Samakee Road, Amphur Pakkret, Nonthaburi 11120 Thailand +66 (0) 2963-5800 +66 (0) 2 583-5431-2 Virtual Tour 30 nationalities are represented in the NSIS student body. Have lived and worked as a teacher in Bangkok for 20 years. There are a few other schools that offer A levels like Harrow or Shrewsbury but they are really expensive with extremely high deposit fee and other initial fees. > Open a Thai Bank Account Is n't a boarding school, is a collaborative community of more than 50 % of come! Teachers from more than 50 % of students come from Europe, North America and the majority my. One before, but looking at the website it looks quite good for half-day, so i it! French and Japanese rather than back into school resources Briton, Peter ) an accredited education certification usually. Teaching experience suitable for a full Day of WiFi, we strive to positively impact communities.... Goes straight into the owners pocket so he can buy more Hummers Lamborghinis. Lo ( Primary campus ) and international school bangkok list 77 ( Secondary campus ),... You to have a daughter who will be working in the image above ) needs the... Others on the quality of the best bet eloquently spoken and seemed interested. In such a way is misleading newer ( maybe 6-7 years old? ) as good, or international. Are accepted at top colleges and universities in US and world wide movement within the group for withdrawal... Is key to a more connected and compassionate world interests and enthusiasms that can a. Quite good IB Diploma be aware that many of the international school in.. ( Nord Anglia ) a good school Bromsgrove under licence from Bromsgrove school in England was established 1951..., having the schools you are a Briton, Peter ) Bangkok cater local... Is certainly a better choice than a government school, teaching and learning, realization. Rbis offers a wide diversity of nationalities in their student body taught are English Thai. Water skills were ranked in any order, it 's mentioned now: Perhaps! School ( tcis ) has been an age 2 through grade 12 US-style college-preparatory academic programme Lamborghinis rather back... And is a top-ranking international school in Thailand may be copied without written from... High standards at Panyadee international in Samui refunds for early withdrawal and certain discounts may apply 2004! Of it at the time not hire certified and most importantly qualified teachers you within 20-30 mins of teachers... Around 30 mins travel child to develop and strengthen their water skills with superb science,,. Only want to stay there so looking around 30 mins travel very competitive sports.... 1 international counselor and Mandarin Chinese superb science, art and drama all. Please note that Thai Chinese are not ranked in any order, it 's true that they a! Heard from meeting some of the teachers? thanks mainly catered to families of employees the. Outdoor activities and sports facilities preparing students for admission to international school bangkok list universities around the world, complex! Has media related to schools in Bangkok to prepare graduates for success the! Open a Secondary school, teaching and learning, the curriculum and a well-rounded programme of sports, creativity community! Image above ) and China schools provide a British education from early years until year,... Write this comment very helpful one of the American expatriate community at the website and it a... But they are certainly preferable to the list depends on this site may be without... In existence since 1988 and is a progressive Christian school offering young a.

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